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Terms And Conditions

Effective Date: 1st September 2020


Euphoria Direct is a company incorporated in England and Wales and registered with the Companies House under the registration number 9801056. This website is the intellectual property of Euphoria Direct Ltd and operated by the company, having its registered offices at 266 – 268, Stratford Road, Shirley, Solihull, B90 3AD. The company is not registered for VAT.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions (T&Cs) detailed on this page will apply when any goods or services are bought through this website. The T&Cs may change at any point in time, without any notice from the company.


In cooperation with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer you the following payment options. Payment is to be made to Klarna:

  • Pay in 3
  • Pay Later

Further information and Klarna’s user terms you can find here. General information on Klarna can be found here. Your personal data is handled in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with the information in Klarnas privacy statement.

Legal age

Customers who are resident in the UK should be 18 + years of age to browse this website and make purchases. Overseas customers are expected to abide by the laws that may apply in the country they reside in.

Age of consent

When you purchase from Euphoria Direct, you automatically agree that you are legally old enough to buy our products and services. If the company finds out that you are not of the appropriate legal age, your purchases may not be delivered to you. When buying and importing goods from this website into your country, you are expected to comply with the existing local laws that may apply to you.

Discount codes

Our company offers certain discounts periodically, and we publish discount codes that apply to your purchases. These codes are applicable only to the account for which the promotion has been offered and registered. You must ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions to avail these discounts and promotional codes. Your order may not be processed if you fail to do so. These codes are available only for online orders and can be used one time by a customer. Please note that delivery charges are not covered by our discount codes. Discounts are valid only for products shown on our website. The company reserves the right to stop or alter any promotional offer at any point in time, without giving notice.

Checkout Promotional Codes

Customers may not offset the cost of sales or reduce the price of clearance items by using our checkout promotional codes or vouchers. The company reserves the right to disallow the use of these promotional codes for specific product lines, items or brands. However, in this case, customers will be notified in advance before checking out and making payments. Please note that promotional codes may not be clubbed with other offers advertised by the company. The company may exercise its rights to discontinue any offer, discount or promotion at any time, without advance intimation.

Free Gifts, Payment and Price

Certain promotions by Euphoria Direct may announce a ‘free gift’. This item can be interchanged with another similar product, at our discretion. We always endeavour to despatch the ‘free gift’, originally announced. However, due to unforeseen constraints, it is probable that certain items may sometimes be out of stock. In this case, a suitable alternative will be provided by the company. The colour of the item could vary from the colours shown on our website. Please note that customers may avail of only one free gift, eligible for a single transaction, according to the availability of the item.

Display of products on our website

Euphoria Direct always ensures the accuracy of the descriptions of products that are displayed on our website. We endeavour to ensure that the images of the items are an accurate representation, including the colour, finish and texture of the goods. Please be aware that the display of these images may largely depend on your computer monitor and the device you use to access our website. There may be certain minor differences in the presentation of the actual items and the way they may appear on your screen.

Payment and Price

When you make a purchase, you are required to complete your payment through the payment channels displayed on our website. The processing and dispatch of your purchases will only be done once we receive the full payment and your funds have cleared. The full price of your purchases will be stated on our website at the time of placing your order. All the prices displayed on our website are inclusive of VAT and sales tax unless stated otherwise. In the rare occasion that an item has been wrongly priced due to human error, the company will not process the item at the wrongly published price. However, you will be notified in advance before your purchases are dispatched to you. You’ll have the option to continue your purchase at the correct indicated price. If you choose not to, your payments will be fully refunded.

Your order

When you place your order, it is understood that you are committing to buy a product from us. It is your responsibility to ensure that the order you place and the information you give us is accurate and you need to update any changes immediately.

Acceptance / non-availability

Euphoria Direct exonerates itself from any binding contract with you until the acceptance of your order is confirmed and a notice of goods dispatch is sent to you via email. We reserve the right to withhold the supply of any goods that you have ordered without citing a reason. Please note that if the goods you have ordered are unavailable, we will contact you at the earliest opportunity and arrange for a complete refund.


We will deliver the items you ordered to the postal address that you indicate at the time of ordering. Your order may be processed in parts, resulting in different delivery dates. Our delivery charges are exclusive of the price indicated on our site at the time of placing your order. The delivery costs may vary, depending on the method of delivery you choose. Any charges related to customs or import duties will have to be paid by you. Our delivery costs do not include these.

The company will not be liable for losses incurred as a result of delays in delivery, as these are due to situations beyond our control. If you fail to accept the delivery at the address indicated by you, extra delivery charges will become applicable when we attempt to deliver to you again. Please note that further charges may be applicable if alternative delivery instructions are not provided by you or the items are held in our depot for more than seven days.


Our agreement with you does not cover death or personal injury resulting from the use or non-use of our products or services. The company is not liable for any fake representation of products or services on our website. We will not compensate you for any financial losses in the event of dissatisfaction of products and services that have been delivered to you, or the failure to do so. Euphoria Direct must be given every opportunity to resolve any issue or complaint relating to customer dissatisfaction of any item or service that was received or not received by you. Furthermore, the company will not be held responsible for any losses or damages caused by our agents and employees in situations where:

  • A legal duty of care due to you was not breached by our employees or agents
  • The losses or damages could not have been reasonably foreseen by either party
  • Losses or damages caused by your actions, such as failure to comply with this agreement or losses incurred by a business
  • You may be held responsible for any losses or damages suffered by Euphoria Direct as a result of breaching our agreement

Intellectual property rights

Euphoria Direct is the sole owner of all intellectual properties, including logos, trademarks, graphics and images, content (including the structure of our website and its layouts), any animation or videos, textual content and software applications used on our site. Visitors to our website may watch the content, or take a single printout for personal and non-commercial use. Apart from this, no material from our website may be used in any other way (including sublicensing, modification, retrieval, sale, storage, distribution, reverse-engineering, etc.) without the prior written consent of the company. Scraping, deep-linking, framing or harvesting is also prohibited.


By using our website, you permit us to use your personal details according to our privacy policy. You also agree that we may install cookies into your computer for our research purposes.


Please note that by creating an account on our website, you agree that this account will be used only for yourself. The account is non-transferable and you may not allow another person access to your account. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your account and your password. If there is a breach of security, like the unauthorised use of your password or identity, you must inform us immediately. In the event of such an occurrence, you must change your password at the earliest.

Availability of our site

We are unable to guarantee or provide any assurance that access to our website will remain uninterrupted or free of errors. The company is permitted to take down the website for repairs, improvements and maintenance. At times like this, we are not liable to provide advance notice and we will not be held responsible for any liabilities due to your inability to use our site. We do not vouch for the accuracy of any guidance or information published on our website, neither do we accept any responsibility for the same. You are advised to follow this information at your own risk.

Third-party websites

At certain points in time, we may display links to various third-party websites, which we feel could be of use to you. However, we do not endorse or vouch for the reliability, authenticity and accuracy of the services or information available on these websites. We are not liable for your use of these third-party sites and you should exercise your judgement when visiting or using their services.

 “Act of God”

This agreement exonerates both parties from any liabilities resulting from the failure to honour any commitment (except payments), if the lapse in service is caused by events that are out of our control, including the breakdown of telecommunication systems.

English law

The terms and conditions listed on this page are under the jurisdiction of English law and all disputes, including arbitration, will be dealt with exclusively by the courts of the United Kingdom.


Any notices as a result of this agreement with you may be sent to the latest email address provided by you, which is stored on our system, unless stated differently, as a part of this agreement. All headings that are included in this agreement are to provide information and cannot be considered to be binding. Failures by either party to exercise any clause contained within this agreement cannot be considered to be a ‘waiver’.

This means that the said clause can be enforced at a later point in time. If a part of this agreement is deemed ineffective or cannot be enforced for whatever reason, it may be replaced with a similar provision, which achieves similar objectives and meanings. The rest of the agreement will continue to remain applicable at all points in time. Any person who is not a party to this agreement will cease to have rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 for the enforcement of any term contained within this agreement unless stated otherwise.


If you may have a complaint, kindly contact us by accessing our contact details displayed on our website. Alternatively, you may communicate with us at our address, which is as follows :-

Somerset House

37 Temple Street


B2 5DP