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Waterproof Sex Toys

Waterproof sex toys from Euphoria Direct

The sensations of being naked in a shower with your lover can be incredibly erotic but to take your pleasure to another level, try out a range of waterproof sex toys from Euphoria Direct. Whether it’s a shower, jacuzzi or bath that you want to share with your lover, a waterproof sex toy can really crank up the temperature and leave you both quivering with pleasure.

A great range of waterproof vibrators and dildos

There’s a great range of waterproof vibrators and dildos that you can either enjoy on your own for a more satisfying shower or use with your lover for a truly mind-blowing orgasm. If you want a more discreet design, there’s a vibrating sponge and also a mesh ball; no-one will suspect that they hide a sexy secret.

Add a new dimension to bath and shower times

And for those times when you want a helping hand on the slippery surface, there’s locking suction handles which you can place in exactly the right position, giving you something to hang on to. For a kinky twist, try out the Sex in the Shower Suction Hand Cuffs, leaving you powerless to resist your lover’s soapsud seduction. Add a new dimension to your hot tub, bath or shower with our range of deliciously naughty waterproof sex toys here at Euphoria Direct.


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