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Stimulating, Ribbed, Warming Condoms

Stimulated ribbed warming condoms

If you want to put a little more ooh, ooh, ooh into your playtime without sacrificing your safety, our range of stimulating ribbed and warming condoms can really hit the mark. A great way to deliver extra pleasure whilst keeping you protected, stimulating condoms will take your pleasure to another dimension.

Ribbed condoms provide pleasure for both partners

Ribbed condoms offer pleasure to both partners, and there’s a range of different designs specifically created to bring varying degrees of stimulation. Choose from beads, dots, and full ribs which will stroke you both in the most intimate of ways, creating an incredible sensation and a mind-blowing orgasm.

Relax and enjoy sex with stimulating condoms 

With stimulating condoms, you don’t have to give up on maximum satisfaction in return for protection. Stimulating condoms offer the same comfortable ergonomic fit, so you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the ultimate in arousal without a second thought.  If you combine ribs and beads with a warming sensation lubricant, you’ll really crank your pleasure play up another notch.

Warm-up your most intimate areas!

The delicious warm feeling will slowly spread, creating an erotic feeling in the most intimate of areas.  Stimulating condoms means you’ll think about condoms in a whole new way; rather than being necessary but dull, they can open up the pathway to incredible sexual satisfaction.


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