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Sex Chairs, Poles & Swings

Sex Chairs, Poles & Swings

Buy sex chairs, poles and swings online from Euphoria Direct

Sex in the bedroom can be lots of fun but if you want to spice things up a bit you need to consider different options to get your kicks.

Become your partner’s very own pole dancer

Being on a bed can limit the positions that you can get into so if you want to enjoy maximum penetration and the ultimate playtime, it’s time to think about making the most of props such as chairs, poles and swings. If you have the spare room, a pole can be the perfect plaything, ideal not just for raunchy dances but also for a spot of bondage. With your hands cuffed behind the pole, your body will be at the mercy of your lover, to tease and please you as they choose.

Sex swings in all shapes and sizes

If you don’t have enough space for a pole in your home, there are other options which are equally satisfying. Sex swings come in all kinds of designs but have one thing in common; they offer a flexible platform which supports you and your lover while you experiment in different positions.

The standard or spinning swings are perfect for deep penetration, allowing you to feel every inch but the 5 piece model offers a little bit extra. With straps to support each leg, you can push her thighs open wide, giving you the ultimate in intimate access. The sex sling achieves a similar effect but without such a large amount of equipment. Hooking around either ankle and looping round the back of the neck, it can transform sex into something seriously kinky.

Sex chairs and stools

Many bedrooms have space for a sex chair but look twice before you sit down on the Silvia Saint Love Chair. With a built-in upright dong, you will be certain to get a sexy surprise if you don’t check your seat first. There is of course, the sex stool too, an indispensable fetish accessory as well as for those who just enjoy unrestricted access for oral sex or a spot of rimming.


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