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Screaming O Sex Toys

Buy Screaming O online from Euphoria Direct

The Screaming O is an amazingly small yet intensely strong vibrating sex toy which is available to buy at Euphoria Direct now! The Screaming O is a love ring with a difference as it has been designed to give orgasmic pleasure to both you and your lover. It can be worn during sex to pleasure both you and your lover or as a solo masturbator toy for him. 

This small low-cost sex toy is an effective adult toy designed to excite you and give you a screaming orgasm as you climax. The Screaming O is worn by him at the base of the penis and is made of a stretchable silicone that is of the highest grade for your protection. This kind of masturbator is one of the most popular sex toys we sell at Euphoria Direct and we aim to bring you only the very best in high-quality vibrators and sex toys.

Screaming O Vibrators

The Screaming O is a disposable sex toy which is partly why this sex toy is so cheap to buy. The powerful motor within this vibrator has up to 40 minutes of vibration time to give you and your lover intense orgasmic pleasure. The motor is designed to be a micro motor and has a simple on/off function that makes it easy for you to turn off your Screaming O once you have finished allowing you to clean your toy and re-use it.

The Screaming O has small pleasure knobs around the silicone ring to ensure that the vibration is felt around the entire circumference of his penis, giving maximum pleasure as the sensations shoot up the shaft of his penis. For her, the Screaming O has a clit stim in the form of a tickler and the ideal placement of the motor means that her clitoris will receive intense vibration during sex.

Screaming O Sex Toy

The Screaming O is a handy pocket-sized sex toy that gives you the ability to take your adult toy with you anywhere. Whether it be a dirty weekend away or you can take it out in your pocket on a date should the chance arise to use your small kinky toy. What better way to impress her than with an amazing night of passion made better with the orgasmic sensations received by The Screaming O. If you are looking for a small but intense vibrator that will satisfy both you and your lover then try the Screaming O, an amazing and sensational toy!


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