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Rubber Shorts & Boxers

Rubber shorts – silky, smooth and sensual

>If you’re looking for some seriously hot fetish wear, rubber shorts don’t just look fantastic, they feel incredible too. Silky-smooth and sensual, rubber shorts look great on every guy, showing off a great butt and encasing muscular thighs. If you’re on the fetish scene, a pair of shorts from Rubber Secrets is the perfect piece of player. Arousing without being too revealing, you’ll fit right in especially when teamed with a rubber vest or top for a head to toe fetish look. But rubber shorts are also perfect for private playtime, giving a kinky new dimension to X-rated role play and arousing and delighting your lover in lots of new ways.

Add a new kinky dimension to private playtime

The Rubber Secrets Open Brief looks surprisingly demure from the front, showing off every inch of your manhood in the black rubber. But to give your lover a real treat, turn around and flash those sweet cheeks and they’ll soon be unable to keep their hands to themselves! With a cutaway design, there’s all the intimate anal access you need for naughty playtime and much more. The Rubber Secrets Anal Brief is even saucier, with a discreet butt plug giving you orgasmic thrills as you strut your stuff for your lover. 

Erotic rubber products for a sensual and arousing experience

Whatever you choose, rubber shorts offer an erotic option for a sensual and arousing experience that you and your lover won’t forget.


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