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Rubber Clothing

Rubber Clothing

Buy sexy rubber clothing and underwear online from Euphoria Direct

Fetish wear has never been so exciting than with our range of sexy rubber clothing. Daring, provocative underwear, clothing and accessories for both men and women, it’s not for the faint-hearted. If you’ve never experimented with fetish clothing, rubber is the perfect place to start. Easy to wear, comfortable and mind-blowingly sexy, there’s everything from slinky outerwear to revealing underwear, designed to show off your body in full glory.

Rubber dresses and mini skirts

For the girls, there are rubber dresses and mini-skirts, wear either in the bedroom for role-playing fun, or out with your lover if you dare! Rubber clothing is surprisingly easy to get into; just a puff of talcum powder and a wiggle and you’ll find it clinging to your curves perfectly. But some of our rubber wear is for your lover’s eyes only, such as our open back mini skirt. Slinky and sexy from the front, once you turn round your rounded bottom will be on display for all to see this outfit comes with a warning! Just the feel of rubber against your skin can be deliciously erotic, smooth and silky yet firm.

Give yourself a treat as well as your lover by wearing a push-up bra top, a suspender belt and thigh-high rubber stockings for X-rated indulgence. There are rubber thongs, panties and even crotchless briefs for the ultimate in sensual sex play.

Rubber fetish wear for the guys

For the guys, there’s a great array of rubber clothing too. Rubber vests and trousers emphasise a muscular physique while open briefs provide a cheeky backless view, perfect for showing off buns of steel. But there’s kinky rubber wear for men too such as briefs with a hidden butt plug for the ultimate in anal fun, or shorts featuring a penis sheath, with rubber encasing your manhood along the full length of your shaft.

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Why not explore your naughty side with some of the erotic rubber clothing from Euphoria Direct; it’s all available in-store today?


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