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Rubber Briefs & Panties

Sexy rubber briefs – spice up your sex life!

If you’ve never slipped into a pair of rubber briefs you’re missing out on an erotic experience that is simply orgasmic. The silky-smooth feel of rubber against your most intimate areas is thrilling and arousing in the most sensual of ways. But rubber briefs don’t just feel amazing, they look incredible too and you’ll drive your lover wild with desire when they see you wearing a pair. The Rubber Secrets panty is simple but raunchy, high cut on the leg for the ultimate in sex appeal. Put a sexy swing in your hips and a cheeky smile on your face and beckon your lover over for a night of passion you’ll both never forget.

For extra fun buy open crotch rubber briefs

For some kinky fun, slip into rubber briefs with open crotch, giving your lover intimate access whilst still enjoying the seductive feel of rubber against your skin. You could wear rubber briefs in the bedroom to spice up your sex life or you could slip them on under your regular clothing to give your lover an arousing surprise when they undress you. 

Perfect for lovers of fetish wear

Perfect for hardcore fetish fans or those just wanting to experiment with sexy outfits, rubber briefs are a horny fantasy comes true.


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