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Remote Control Sex Toys

Remote control sex toys

If you like your sex with a technological twist, the range of remote control sex toys from Euphoria Direct will really hit the spot. Whether you want an easy way to deliver a shot of ecstasy just where and when you want it, or whether you’re handing the decision to your lover, remote control sex toys open up a whole new world of erotic opportunity. Use the remote control when you’re enjoying a night out.

Enjoy vibrations without anybody else knowing!

Enjoy the discreet vibrations which won’t be heard over the background noise in a supermarket, restaurant or bar. No-one but you and your lover will know about the orgasmic thrills rippling through your body while you’re out in public.

Lots of choices for all tastes

There are lots of different designs including butt plugs, vibrators and eggs as well as vibrating thongs and panties so you can choose the sex toy that gives you the most pleasurable sensations. Designs such as Waterproof Vibe Set are completely impervious to water so you can even take your sexy fun into a jacuzzi, hot tub or shower. Use your remote control sex toy in whatever direction your imagination takes you and recreate some of your hottest fantasies in real life.


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