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PVC Bedding & Sheets

PVC Bedding & Sheets

Kinky PVC bedding online at Euphoria Direct

When you’re having fun with your lover, the last thing you want to do is stop and think about the practicalities. Worrying about ruining the bedsheets is a surefire mood killer and even if you’re fretting about it at the back of your mind, you won’t be able to relax and properly enjoy some sexy fun. Getting on the floor might be an alternative option but if you’ve got thick plush carpets, you’ve got the same problem and if you haven’t; you’re not going to be very comfortable on a hard floor! The solution is to invest in some specialist PVC bedding and sheets, but the last thing you’ll be doing on them will be sleeping.

PVC bed wear and orgy bedsheets

PVC sheets and orgy bed wear will add an extra dimension to your playtime and will take all the stress out of massages, or watersports fun. Available in raunchy red or sexy black, it simply tucks around your normal bed, protecting it from any mess or spillage. Use your oil and lube with reckless abandon because cleaning up after your fun has never been easier. Just one quick wipe and it’s ready to be used again; even the very most stubborn stains can be easily removed with washing up liquid.

Advantages of PVC sheets

Drying instantly, these PVC sheets are practical and easy to store until you want to use them again. These PVC sheets are unlike the cheap type of bed protectors you may have seen in the past; thick, durable and strong, they’ll stand up to even the roughest of sex play and are surprisingly comfortable to lie on too! Even if you’re not planning on any particularly messy fun, they’re actually a handy accessory for all kinds of sex too.

As well as helping you to avoid the age-old dilemma of the damp spot, they’re slip-resistant so will help you get a far better grip, opening up the possibility of all kinds of different positions, we’ll leave that to your imagination.


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