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Buy Other Style Vibrators online from Euphoria Direct

As well as stocking one of the largest selections of online sex toys and adult toys, Euphoria Direct brings you variation by offering other style vibrators. Whilst many of you enjoy the standard vibrators, we know that some of you are looking for a vibrator with a difference. You want something new and innovative for you to experiment with and get a new kind of satisfaction from. 

At Euphoria Direct we have worked hard to bring you some of the most renowned other styles of vibrators that the market has to offer. With quality branded toys to choose from, you won’t find a greater selection of other style vibrators anywhere else for the prices we offer!


As well as the conventional bunny vibrators and realistic vibrators we also offer other vibrator types to stimulate and excite you. Lovemoiselle are a vibrator with a unique twist, most other vibrators are made from high-grade silicone but Lovemoiselle uses ceramic material. The ceramic material makes this other vibrator ideal for retaining a cold or warm temperature which can make masturbation even more sensational.

Check out the Jimmy Jane style of vibrators if you are looking for something completely unique in shape and size. The Jimmy Jane range of vibrators are all re-chargeable and have a luxury soft feel to them which makes them a comfortable and sensual sex toy. They have been contoured and shaped to give maximum pleasure to all the right sexual areas.

Sex Toys

If you are looking for sex toys for men then take a look at the range of Tenga Masturbators. These are a great alternative to other style vibrators available for men to use. We also have vibrating eggs, Love Rings and even finger vibrators for those of you who want vibrators that you can fit in your pocket or handbag and enjoy permanent pleasure whilst you are on the go! One of our popular sex toys for ladies from our range of other style vibrators is the Pearl Vibrator.

Unlike standard vibrators, the Pear Vibrator has small pearl-like balls inside the shaft of the vibrator. When your vibrator is in the on mode, these balls are moved around and channel the vibrations through them into the vagina wall. The pleasure felt is phenomenal and the climax is out of this world! So if you are looking for a wide choice of vibrators then Euphoria Direct will have something to suit your desires!


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