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Other Sex Toys

Other Sex Toys

More exotic sex toys online at Euphoria Direct

Most women, and many men, have a reliable battery-powered friend ready and waiting for some naughty fun whenever the mood arises, but vibrators aren’t the only sex toy worth playing with. Spice up your sex life by using a range of sex toys and devices, perfect for both solo fun or playtime with your lover.

You may have your favourite vibrator that’s guaranteed to hit the spot every time, but they say variety is the spice of life so why not invest in your very own private collection? The Precious Jems Vibrator Box offers a choice in how you reach a mind-blowing orgasm with a range of sex toys at your disposal. Choose from a selection of vibrators, including one with stimulating nodules, plus love eggs and a tube of lubricating jelly.

Waterproof sex toys

The 15 piece Wild and Wet Waterproof Kit offer a similar but super-sized sex sensation, with a whopping 15 different ways to play, including toys that can be used in the shower or hot tub. Shower sex is a fantasy for many but the practicalities of getting in position can ruin the experience. Locking suction cups and handles provide a safe way of hanging on or getting a foot up, letting your lover explore your body in every way possible.

Special materials and “make your own”

Back in the bedroom, there are sex toys which are as sophisticated as they are sensual, with glass dildos featuring stimulating swirls, spirals and ribbed sections. And if you want a dildo that matches your exact specifications, try out one of our dildo cloning kits to create a sex toy which lets you feel every inch of your lover even when he’s not there. From vibrating sponges for the shower to butt plugs and pulsating panties, there’s no end to the sex toys on offer, ready and waiting to please you.


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