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Massage Gels, Lubricants & Oils

Massage Gels, Lubricants and Oils

Whether you want to lube up your sex toys or simply ramp up the slipperiness for some X-rated fun, we’ve got a great range of oils, lubricants and massage gels which will glide over your skin. With formulas that stay wet and damp for hours without a hint of stickiness, you can use them on your most intimate parts without worrying about irritation. 

Orgasmic delight with the help of lubes, oils and gels!

Slip and slide your way to orgasmic delight with the help of the lube, oil or gel of your choice. If you’re using condoms, make sure you pick a water-based lube and then you don’t need to worry about damaging the rubber. Pour it on to your heart’s content and indulge yourself in the ultimate playtime which feels simply sensational.

You’ll be surprised what difference gels and lubricants make to your sex life

Even if you think you don’t need it, you’ll be surprised at the difference a lube could make to your sex life. Around three-quarters of women were amazed at the incredible orgasms that a slick of lube could produce. And if you want to get to some downright naughty play, a good squirt of extra-thick lube makes anal penetration pain-free and comfortable.

Lube for foreplay and during intercourse

This allows you to enjoy every moment. Whether you want to oil up your foreplay or use lube as you get down to business, pick from our range of top quality gels, creams and oils and you could enjoy the very best in X-rated fun.


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