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Male Chastity

Male Chastity

Buy male chastity systems online from Euphoria Direct

Anyone can enjoy being dominated, male or female, and restraint systems used to create the most erotic and sensual experiences. But for a man to achieve total submission, they need to hand over control to their lover who holds the key to deciding when and where they can enjoy sexual gratification.

And when we say they hold the key – we mean quite literally

Male chastity systems allow your lover to lock your penis into a device so that you can’t have any fun unless they say so. That means no solo play and no sex with another person; they hold the key that unlocks the device and sets your penis free. The idea of handing over total control to your lover is raunchy and incredibly arousing, and many of the chastity products themselves are quite exciting to wear.

Delayed sexual gratification

However, with no room to get hard, you’ll have no choice but to wait for your lover to decide the moment is right. This delay in sexual gratification means that when you are freed from your male chastity device, the sensations are incredibly intense and your orgasm will blow your head off.

A range of male chastity products to choose from

A way of creating not just total control but deepening your arousal, male chastity devices are seriously sexy. From soft silicon to cold, hard metal, there’s a range of male chastity products to choose from. Pick from devices where you slip your penis through to metal cock cages, or even chastity products which insert a hollow wand through the urethra, providing sufficient outlet for urination but enhancing the feeling of total control.

Hardcore options

If you want to take things that one step further, spiked rings and cock cages make pleasure and pain blur into one. Sharp teeth on the inside of the chastity device are ready to dig sharply into your shaft if you dare to get an erection. Almost unbearably exciting, male chastity products offer a modern twist on an old-fashioned means of control and domination, leaving you totally at the mercy of your lover. If you’re a man and you’ve never tried male chastity, why not give it a go? For the ladies you wait and see the explosion if your man has to wait for his fun, we encourage you to try this exciting product range.


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