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Lucid Sex Toys

Lucid sex toys

If you want to fulfil your naughty fantasies and get your lover to tease places you only dreamt of, the range of sex toys from Lucid Dreams offers a deliciously dirty selection. With a range of sex toys in different shapes and sizes, this collection quite literally is the stuff that dreams are made of. Lucid Dreams have a wide range of vibrators and sex toys with features that are guaranteed to leave you writhing in ecstasy. 

A range of options to stimulate the G-spot!

The No 14 design is entirely waterproof so you can take this 7-inch thriller into the shower, bathtub or hot tub for kinky wet play with your lover…or even have a bit more fun while you’re relaxing on your own!

Perfectly angled with a waterproof design

Perfectly angled to stroke and tease the G-spot, the No 14 from Lucid Dreams will thrill with its multi-speed motor and smooth and flexible design. The No 18 vibrator offers the same waterproof design, but with a slightly contoured jelly exterior. The other difference is that the No 18 comes with an attached controller for the ultimate in raunchy play. Take your sexy thrills to another level with this collection of exquisite sex toys from Lucid Dreams.


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