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Lubricants, Oils & Massage Gels

Lubricants, Oils & Massage Gels

Buy lubricants, oils and erotic massage gels online from Euphoria Direct

There are times when it’s the little things that make all the difference to sex, helping you to cross the threshold from “o Wandrdquo; to “oooh” in one easy move. Lubricants, oils and massage gels are a small accessory but one which can really make a huge difference to your pleasure levels.

Get slippery with our erotic massage gels

If you’ve ever tried to give or have received a massage without the use of any lubrication, you’ll know that it’s not much fun, and certainly not an erotic experience.

Avoid friction burns when making love

Dragging the skin and creating friction is all that you’re going to do without the use of some type of oil or gel, and no-one is going to end up feeling aroused. You might have the idea of just slicking on some baby oil, but while this might provide a good slippery sensation, it can’t be used around condoms or sex toys because it will degrade and eat away at the rubber. Gels and oils which are specifically designed for massage and sex often have a little extra something to really help crank up the temperature.  Zini Solution Exciting Massage Gel for Men is the perfect example, providing not just safe lubrication that can be used with condoms and sex toys, but a more titillating type of sensation too.

Extra sensation with erotic gels

Special scrub qualities in the gel mean that when it’s rubbed into an intimate area it creates an extra-stimulating feel, and will drive your man wild with desire. But if you want to crank up the temperature quite literally, try a warming gel such as the one from ID Moments. Suitable for use all over the body, create incredible sensual experiences as this lube warms up the skin, guaranteeing you will be quite literally “on heat” in more ways than one!

Water-based lubes for sex

Look for water-based lubes if you want to use them with sex toys, or oils for a slippery, sensual experience that will blow your mind. We’ve got an incredible selection so don’t be shy, come and see what’s in store…


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