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Liquid Latex

Liquid latex – the sexy body paint you’ll love to play with

If you want a naughty night of fun with your lover, it’s difficult to beat the sweet lure of latex but wiggling into – and out of! – An outfit can sometimes take a bit of effort. A sprinkling of talcum powder or silicon spray can help ease your way into the clingy material, but there’s now an alternative option for sexy playwear that looks just as hot but without the hassle. 

Sexy body paint

Liquid Latex is a kinky type of body paint that you can cover every inch of your lover with, creating a temporary latex type look. Although the results are only temporary, Liquid Latex looks authentic enough to satisfy even the most hardcore of fetish fans.

Have fun removing the liquid latex and revealing what lies underneath

And unlike the real thing, you can have just as much fun peeling it off your lover in an exquisitely slow strip! Liquid Latex comes in a range of colours and can be applied to your lover’s body without any danger as it’s not absorbed into the pores. Create your very own intimate mould of your favourite parts of your lover, and enjoy the sight of them encased in shiny latex. The only question is where will you make a start first?


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