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Leather Chastity

Leather chastity will leave your lover at your mercy!

For the ultimate control over your lover, a leather chastity belt is a perfect way to role play, with you holding complete command over when and where she gets her pleasure. The feel of cool leather is an erotic sensation but she won’t be able to enjoy any playtime unless you agree. With a padlocked front, the collection of chastity devices from the erotic Rimba range will leave your lover at your mercy.

Comfortably fitted – similar to ladies briefs

The leather chastity belt is a comfortable fit and can be slipped into just like a pair of ladies’ briefs. However, once it’s on, the strap which slots up against their most intimate area is wedged firmly in position thanks to the padlock and chain on the front.

Leather chastity products you just won’t be able to resist

The design is flirty and feminine with a studded love heart right over the critical area. Your lover will be left in no doubt about who’s in control with the Rimba Chastity Belt. The Leather Chastity Brief has all the security of a traditional chastity belt with an adjustable waist and a locking padlock. However, there’s one crucial difference as with an open crotch design, there’s plenty of opportunities for some sexy fun while trussed up. Take control of your lover with the range of leather chastity devices from Rimba and show them just who’s in command.


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