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Latex Shorts & Boxers

Men’s Latex shorts and boxers

Have you ever experienced the sensual feel of your manhood encased in silky-smooth latex? Whether you’re a regular on the fetish scene or completely new to rubber, latex and leather, you’ll love our range of latex shorts and boxers. Not only will the latex feel incredibly erotic against your most intimate areas, but they will also hug every inch of your butt and thighs, showing off your muscles and sending your lover wild with desire.

Get ready for a night of naughty passion

Wearing latex tells your lover that you’re ready for a night of naughty passion and won’t take no for an answer! For the feel of latex stroking every inch, there are latex boxers with penis sleeve or there are skimpier designs such as the G-string pouch.

Short and longer lengths available

If you’re heading out to a fetish event and want to cover up a bit more, there are latex shorts in both long and short lengths. Couple with a latex vest or T-shirt and you’ll look great and ready for a night of flirty fun. 

Latex is one of the most practical materials for sexy wear too as when it needs to be cleaned; all you need to do is simply wipe it down. Looking good and feeling great, latex shorts and boxers will send the temperature in your bedroom through the roof!


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