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Latex Clothing

Latex Clothing

Buy sexy latex outfits and clothing online from Euphoria Direct

If you want to explore your kinky side, our range of latex clothing is super-sexy with plenty of outfits for both men and women.

Latex clothing to wear in and out of the bedroom

There’s latex clothing which you can wear both in and out of the bedroom, such as our full-body catsuits, designed to cling to every inch and turn the heads of everyone in the room. Covering you from your collarbone to your ankle, there’s a zipper down the front so you can bare as much as you dare…Perfect for both snake-hipped sirens and curvy babes alike, all you need to look fabulous in a latex catsuit is a wiggle in your walk and a sexy smile!

Latex dresses and panties

There are also leggings, mini-dresses and tiny, thigh-high skirts which skim your butt guaranteeing you will be the hottest woman in the room. If you can’t resist the feel of silky-smooth latex against your skin, there are simple panties which can be slipped under any outfit. Give your lover a sexy treat as they undress you to discover some seriously horny latex underwear. There are also crotchless latex panties and some in/out dong designs which will blow your mind.

Take control without sacrificing any of your pleasure with our double or triple dong latex thrillers. For the guys, there are latex shorts which show off a rock-solid derriere, as well as jockstraps and shorts. Embrace the feel of latex caressing every inch of your body and slip your penis into a full sheath, or show off your naughty side with a pair of manly peephole briefs.

Super shiny and easy to clean

As well as looking ferociously sexy, latex is the perfect material for naughty fun too as it’s easy to wipe clean. To keep it looking slick and shiny, there’s a super shining spray as well as Rubba Shine, the perfect accessory to clean, shine and protect. Have you discovered your dark side? Take a peek at our range of sexy latex outfits today here at Euphoria Direct.


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