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Kama Sutra Body Gels & Cremes

Kama Sutra body gels and cremes

If you want to give your lover a luxurious treat and drive them wild with desire, take a look at the collection of body gels and cremes from the exclusive Kama Sutra brand. Promising to deliver new heights of orgasmic pleasure, there are cream and gel for every type of sexy playtime. 

Love liquids lube

Their Love Liquids Lube is one of the most popular, offering a seductive and silky-smooth experience which simply glides over the skin. Without a hint of stickiness, you and your lover can use the lube even in the most intimate of places without worrying about irritation.

Intensified sexual sensations

If you want to experience an explosion of ecstasy, try their warming or cooling creams. Amplifying every sexy sensation, you’ll feel either a warm glow of passion or an electrifying shot of coolness which will leave you delirious with delight. To tantalise and tease your lover with your tongue, indulge your senses in one of their incredible flavoured body creams and oils. 

Kama Sutra has an exquisite range of premium body gels and cremes

You won’t be able to get enough of licking and kissing every inch of their body and they’ll soon be panting with pleasure. Whether you want to ramp up your foreplay or spice up your sex life, Kama Sutra has an exquisite range of premium body gels and cremes that you will want to use again and again.


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