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Personal Hygiene Aids & Sex Toy Cleaners

Personal Hygiene Aids & Sex Toy Cleaners

Personal hygiene aids and sex toy cleaners online from Euphoria Direct

No matter what you enjoy during sex, making sure that whatever sex toys and accessories you use is important for everyone.

Sex toy sprays and cleaners

Sex toys should be cleaned after every use so there’s no risk of any bacteria lingering and causing infection for either you or future playmates. However, you don’t need to spend hours scrubbing away as keeping everything in good condition has never been easier. There’s a range of sprays and sex toy cleaners that you can use which instantly sanitise your toy or play accessory. Just spray on and quickly wipe over to make sure that everything is clean and hygienic and ready for future use.

Keep clean with our personal hygiene aids

It is possible to clean your toys before use but whipping out the sanitising spray might put a bit of a dampener on the performance so it’s far better to have everything done in advance. And it’s so quick and easy to keep everything clean, there’s absolutely no excuse not to! It is, of course, as important to keep yourself clean as it is your sex toys; a grubby or stinky lover is the ultimate turn-off. But there are times when your lover can help you get as clean as possible, with one of our douche or enema sets. Douches are available for both the vagina and the anus and you can either use on your own or with your lover for a kinkier cleaning experience.

Get totally clean for the wildest sex ever!

With different sized nozzles, it only takes one or two flushes through until you’re totally clean and ready for more sex play. Douches are an essential piece of equipment for lovers who like to experiment and flirt with practices which are more darkly erotic and sensual. Enemas are another way to have a good clean, but these can take much longer and are a sensual experience in themselves. Revel in the sensation of feeling really clean from the inside out as you use this hygienic enema equipment time and time again.


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