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Ball & Bit Gags

Ball & Bit Gags

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If you want your submissive to know that you are in complete control, a gag is the only way guaranteed to keep them quiet and totally dominated. But there’s a great range of gags to choose from which different designs depending on just how experienced your sub is, or what you plan to do with them once they’re trussed up. 

If you’re a sub and ready to be gagged for the first time, you may be wondering what to expect. While we can’t guarantee what your lover will do to you when you’re restrained and at their complete mercy, we can vouch for the collection of gags which are safe yet incredibly sexy.

Ball gags

For a feeling of absolute control and submission, a ball gag is a great choice. The sub won’t be able to say a word and the weight of the ball in their mouth will instantly have them subdued. If you’re new to gags, a good first option is a breathable gag; this looks just like a regular ball gag but is hollow with air holes, making it easier to breathe once in place.

Bit gags

A bit gag will give your sub something to bite down on when you’re punishing them for being bad, but also are an erotic extra for horseplay in the bedroom. If the sub has been really bad, perhaps a touch of humiliation might teach them a lesson. Try bit gags complete with an O-ring so that you can still enjoy receiving oral sex, or a gag fitted with a dong, allowing them to pleasure you using the power of their jaw alone.

Other gags

For seriously kinky play there are inflatable gags to take the sub to their limit as well as gags with a fluid tube for naughty water sports fun.

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