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Flavoured, Coloured, Novelty Condoms

Safe sex through novelty condoms with enticing colours and flavours

The only way to enjoy safer sex is by using a condom but that peace of mind doesn’t mean you have to take the fun out of your playtime. As well as providing reassuring protection, you can enjoy the ultimate in sexy fun with our range of flavoured and novelty condoms.

Savour your lover’s skin with the delicious array of flavours on offer, whether you plump for the decadently rich Black Chocolate or the zinging refreshment of tangy Mandarin. If you prefer something even sweeter, there’s also bubble gum flavour which will have you licking your lips with delight!

Novelty condoms you will just want to eat up

For a real novelty treat that will send your lover into raptures and that you’ll enjoy too, how about the saucy Lollipop Lips? A novelty condom which is completely edible, you’ll love nibbling your way around this fruity treat.  Flavoured condoms come from the same big brand names that you’ll recognise, so you can enjoy the same top performance along with a little bit of extra erotic fun.

Flavoured Condoms – add taste to your sex life!

A great way to tantalise your tastebuds and tease your lover at the same time, flavoured condoms can add an extra dimension to your sex life.  With fruity flavours and deep creamy chocolates, which one will you pick as your naughty night-time snack?


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