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Fetish Wear

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There’s nothing sexier than getting dressed up in some raunchy underwear to tempt your lover into the bedroom for some serious adult fun.

Fetishwear to get your pulses racing

Silk, satin and lace are all guaranteed to please but if you want to try something different, fetish wear could get pulses racing. Latex, Leather, PVC and rubber underwear and outfits offer the ultimate in erotic experiences that will get every inch of your body tingling with anticipation.

A fetish outfit is available for everyone

Whether you are a snake-hipped siren or a bootilicious goddess, fetish wear is for you, clinging to your curves and showing off every inch of that gorgeous body. The only thing you need to look good in fetish wear is a sassy attitude and a sexy smile; there’s an outfit for everyone! If you like the fetish look but don’t want to be too covered up, dare to bare in a leather strappy body and drive your lover wild with desire. Black leather studded straps crisscross tantalisingly across your curves, barely concealing a thing…but just enough to tease.

A PVC bikini set or a leather chain bikini provides a saucy variation on panties and bra and strutting your stuff in one of these outfits will leave your lover weak at the knees and desperate to see more. And if you want to get a little bit kinky, why not surrender to your submissive side with a leather chastity belt or a leather collar and chain? Or for something extra naughty, how about latex panties with a dildo – or two – attached? To enjoy the sensuous feeling of smooth PVC or leather gently caressing your body, choose a sexy corset or thigh-high latex stockings. Your lover won’t be able to resist running their hand along your legs and exploring the delights that await just above.

And if you just can’t get enough of the feel of fetish wear against your skin, there’s catsuits, pencil skirts and mini dresses.

Wearing more has never been sexy!

But fetish wear isn’t just for the girls to slide into; there are plenty of sexy outfits for guys too. A pair of tight-fitting latex short will show off those a tight derriere and killer thighs but if you want to crank up the temperature even higher, why not opt for a rubber outfit with a daring cutaway?

Give your lover a good look at what’s in store with peephole briefs, and latex sheath pants.

Don’t hesitate, get browsing

To put it simply, fetish wear screams sex, but the question is: do you dare to wear it? Whatever you decide to be sure to check out our fabulous fetishwear range here at Euphoria Direct.


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