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Female Pumps

Buy Female Pumps online from Euphoria Direct

Euphoria Direct have a great collection of female pumps available for your satisfaction. We sell pumps for your nipples, vagina and clitoris. These pumps are specifically designed to arouse your nipples and clitoris to give you greater levels of pleasure and satisfaction. 

Female pumps are an amazing sex toy to use on your own or even with your lover to spice things up in your sex life. Many women have some trouble arousing their breasts so that their nipples are erect and ready for your lover to tease and nibble. At Euphoria Direct we offer fantastic vibrators and female nipple pumps that go over the nipple for your to pump to cause stimulated erect nipples for you or your lover to enjoy.

Our nipple pump is great for those of you who enjoy a little fetish or pain during sex or foreplay. The other great thing with our female nipple pumps is that you or your lover are in complete control of how hard to pump. Why not let your lover take control and have them tease you with a female pump?

Clitoris Pumps

As well as female nipple pumps we also offer a range of clitoris pumps. These slide over your clitoris and are operated by a hand pump so that you can truly get the blood flowing to your clitoris which causes increased sensitivity around the clitoris meaning a far more intense feeling when touched and teased.

If you are alone or with your lover, some of our clitoris pumps come complete with an added vibration for you to use to bring your sensitive clitoris to the point of orgasm. Clitoris pumps are a great alternative to the conventional vibrators, dildos and strap ons used to get pleasure.

Climax Pumps

What better way to build yourself up to an explosive climax than with one of our climax pumps. These pumps can be a great turn on for you to use alone or even with your lover. With added stimulators such as vibrators and vaginal probes, female pumps are one of the most arousing foreplay sex toys on the market.

These are available for you to purchase today from our online store for 70% less than ordinary retailers. Why not have a look through our sexy lingerie section and order something to go with your female pump! Order your sex toys today and you will receive your order fast and discreetly from us right to your door!


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