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Electro Sex Toys

Electro Sex Toys

Buy electro sex toys and systems online from Euphoria Direct

Sex is all about the sensation and that electric tingle you get when your lover touches you in the right way is simply mind-blowing. But what if you could take that and make it even more powerful, delivering an orgasm which is nothing less than earth-shattering?

Don’t miss out on the erotic sensations of electro sex toys

Electrosex promises to do just that and there’s a huge range of toys designed for your pleasure. For those not afraid to experience darkly erotic sensations, electro sex allows you to explore the powerful physical feelings and take them even further, opening your mind to incredible levels of ecstasy. For the guys, a cock and ball sleeve delivers powerful electro currents directly to the manhood, and with the pleasure-pain barrier blurred, the results are explosive arousal.

But there’s no end to the fun that can be had with electro sex toys, with both men and women able to enjoy playing. Butt plugs are the perfect universal toy, with graduated electro currents delivered to the anus to those who dare to discover new sensations.

Electro dildos and nipple clamps

Electro dildos come in a range of shapes and sizes and can either be used to set your body tingling when it’s buried deep inside you or can be rolled over the skin for spine-tingling delights. Nipple clamps, a paddle and gloves are all also given the electro treatment; to get the sensual electro pleasure, simply slip on the handwear and let your fingers roam all over your bod or that of your lover’s. To have the ultimate control over how much electro pleasure you can handle, there are LCD boxes which allow you to slowly crank up the power, so you can switch between sweet, sharp shocks and gentle, almost caressing electro currents.

The power is in your hands

How you choose to titillate and tantalise your lover is up to you, the power is quite literally in your hands.


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