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Edible Sex Treats & Foods

Edible Sex Treats & Foods

Buy edible sex treats online from Euphoria Direct

Your sex life should be steamy, seductive and sensual but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a bit of adult fun too, and the bedroom is the perfect place to experiment. Edible sex treats are a delicious delight that will have you and your lover exploring each other’s bodies in a way like never before, as you nibble, lick and suck your way to total abandon.

Try chocolate body paint

Chocolate body paint is a tried and trusted way to have some fun with food, and covering your lover in edible writing gives you the perfect excuse to indulge. With a true chocolatey taste, you’ll almost forget where you are as you lick up every drop of delicious paint, leaving your lover more aroused than they’ve ever been before.

A new twist on body paint is the pen set, allowing you to load up with chocolate or strawberry before scribbling over your lover’s body or your own. Leave erotic instructions for them to follow before they get rid of the evidence with their mouth.

Have fun with edible undies

Edible undies are another quirky fun sex accessory with briefs for both men and women, nipple tassels, posing pouches plus a candy bra. Eat away at the underwear to slowly reveal your lover’s body, gently nibbling and licking their skin as you work your way down. If you love giving head but aren’t so keen on the taste, Masque Oral Sex Flavours might have the answer.

Sex foods which disguise the taste of semen

A dissolvable strip that’s placed on the tongue, choose from fruity flavours such as mango and strawberry or even chocolate. With every lick, the usual taste of semen will be disguised, leaving you both enjoying the experience. And when the pivotal moment comes for your lover, the strip will sense his release and deliver an intense flavour sensation that will totally fool your tastebuds. Clever stuff…Don’t be coy about having fun in the bedroom; spice up your sex life by introducing edible sex treats for you and your lover to enjoy.


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