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Dr Love & GETMAXXX Lube

Dr Love and Get Maxxx lubricant

If you’re looking for a lube to sex up your playtime, the silicone collection from Dr Love will have you panting with pleasure. Safe for use with condoms, this long-lasting lube will deliver a potent shot of slipperiness which really hits the spot. Silicone lubes are preferred by some people to water-based lubes as they last much longer and just a tiny amount goes a very long way. Quality silicone lubes like Dr Love are also waterproof too so if you want to take the action into the bathroom or shower, you’ll still reap the rewards.

Dr Love is an extremely high-quality lubricant brand and contains only two ingredients, with absolutely nothing that can irritate. There’s zero fragrance or taste and no preservatives, water or oil so you can use with absolute freedom. 

High-quality lubricant for bedroom rewards

Silicone lubes need to be kept away from silicone sex toys but are fine to use on plastic or glass, so feel free to slather them all over and get stuck in! Non-sticky and silky-smooth, this lube is just what the doctor ordered to spice up your sex life and raise the temperature in your bedroom.

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With the Dr Love collection of erotic and sensual lubes, we promise to give you an orgasm you’ll never forget.


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