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Condoms for Safe Sex

Condoms for Safe Sex

Buy condoms for safe sex online from Euphoria Direct today

If you have lots of different playmates or your lover is someone quite new, using protection is essential to stay safe while enjoying sex. Condoms may have a reputation for being mood-killers but modern varieties can enhance the sensation in many different ways. They also come in a range of different sizes so if you’re naturally blessed, you don’t need to worry about trying to cram your large manhood into an over-tight rubber.

Don’t worry about losing sensation

If you long for that silky-smooth sensation, there are many different condoms which deliver, creating the feeling of satin softness which is incredibly realistic. More Amore Condoms have lubrication for an easy slide sensation and a comfort fit which will withstand even the roughest of pummelings. There are lots of other brands which also offer the same skin sensation, such as Durex Real Feel and Skins Natural.

Flavoured condoms

Flavoured condoms may not sound that enticing but they can spice things up, especially if you’re not normally keen on the taste of oral sex. With a huge range of flavours from fruity mandarin to rich, dark chocolate, let yourself get carried away licking and sucking but just remember, no teeth!

Extended pleasure packs to numb the sensation

If you’re lucky enough to have a sex life which is so exciting, you can’t wait to explode with pleasure, condoms can help you to last a little longer, whilst also having safe sex. Extended Pleasure packs are specifically designed to numb the sensation slightly, which means it takes a little longer to reach the same frenzies of passion. This allows both you and your lover to experiment with more positions and possibilities without the risk that you won’t be able to contain your excitement. Conversely, if you need to increase the level of stimulation, why not try a ribbed condom? The extra stimulation both of you will feel could lead to an earth-shattering climax. Who says condoms were dull – certainly not us, it’s also great to know you are practising safe sex too!


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