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Climax Control Condoms

Prolong your climax with control condoms

For those times when everything feels just that little bit too good and you want to delay your pleasure for longer, climax control condoms could be the answer.  Easy to use and with a gentle action, you’ll still feel plenty of sensation but with a slight numbing effect which means you can easily prolong your climax.

Climax Control Condoms

When you want to extend your X-rated session with your lover but know that they know how to hit your sweet spot too easily, use a climax control condom and you’ll last much longer between the sheets.  Pasante Delay Condoms have a gentle action that won’t leave you feeling too numb, just subtle desensitisation that will help you prolong your performance.  You will enjoy the same level of protection and super-slippery lubrication but with the addition of 1% Lidocaine.

Helping to prevent premature ejaculation

The brand recommended by the NHS for lovers who want to last, Pasante are kitemarked and ergonomically shaped.  With a comfortable teat top and a transparent design, slip into the Pasante Delay Condoms if you want a sexy playtime that will last as long as you want.  A great non-messy alternative to sprays or creams, the Pasante Delay Condoms will bring you another level of pleasure that will flood your senses with ecstasy.


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