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Purr with delight in our catsuits

Batman is rarely wrong and if Catwoman was enough to tempt the Dark Knight, that’s a very good reason to create some erotic nights of your own with a sexy catsuit. If you want to re-create your very own feline style, we’ve got a range of latex catsuits that would make Catwoman look positively frumpy!

A sexy outfit that tightly covers your entire body

An outfit which covers you from neck to ankle and down to your wrists doesn’t sound that sexy but when you discover it’s made from sensual latex and shows off every curve of your body in intimate detail, all of a sudden the temperature starts to rise.

Latex catsuits will get your lover’s pulse racing

Latex catsuits are great for the bedroom and are guaranteed to get your lover’s pulse racing, but they can also be perfect for party wear. But be prepared for attention; in a sexy latex catsuit, you’re going to turn heads for all the right reasons!  If you’ve never dabbled with fetish clothing, latex catsuits are a great place to start and with a zippered front you can choose to show as much as you dare and you can also tease your lover with a slow reveal. But there’s much more besides latex, with net and fishnet design as well as racy crotchless and open front designs which would quite literally blow Batman’s mind!


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