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Bra Sets

Bra sets – give your assets a boost!

Bra and brief sets offer instant sex appeal, giving your assets a boost and hinting of the pleasures that lie beneath. But this bra and brief set offer an extra-sexy treat, revealing more than it covers, with the sensual feel of chain too. With this raunchy bra and brief chainset, you’ll be stimulated to the brink of no return and once your lover cops an eyeful, there will be no holding back!

Ultimate playwear you can use every day

This is no ordinary bra and brief set for everyday use; it’s the ultimate playwear for hot bedroom fun. Whether you want to take charge of your lover or submit yourself to satisfy their every whim, this chain bra and brief set offers a sexy and erotic experience for you both. The peekaboo bra top will frame your assets to perfection and have rings which provide the support, ensuring that the chains cling snugly to your chest while revealing all.

Decide how much breast you expose!

The tiny briefs feature a slim chain which slides round intimately, exposing everything for your lover to admire. This outfit isn’t for shy girls so hold your head up and strut your stuff and you’ll soon have your lover on their knees with a bit of luck.


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