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Body Chains

Body Chains

Buy body chains online from Euphoria Direct

Teasing your lover in erotic lingerie is a surefire winner, but rather than opting for the usual silk and satin, arouses their passion in our range of body chain wear. If you like to dominate in the bedroom, show your lover that you mean business by dressing for sex in a top and brief chain set which reveals more than it hides.

Take control in the bedroom

Undeniably raunchy, body chain wear tells your lover that you won’t take no for an answer and that your wishes are his command. Take control in the bedroom and demand pleasure when you want it, how you want it by draping your body in a top and brief chain set which crisscrosses over your torso, leaving your beautiful breasts exposed and ready for your lover’s touch.

Leave every inch of your curves on glorious display with our erotic body chains

Body chains will never disguise your assets, leaving every inch of your curves on glorious display but there are some designs which offer slightly more coverage than others. Choose from a crisscrossed, draped design complete with tassels which dangle deliciously around your pelvis or a barely-there outfit, which traces a cool metal outline over your skin. But body chains aren’t just for domination; they are also the perfect submissive bondage outfit too with your lover forcing you to expose your entire body to them in the most intimate way.

Leather chain bra

A leather chain bra loops under the breasts, and hooking back up to a leather bondage collar, complete with O-ring. Let your lover show you who’s in charge by attaching a leash to your collar or linking you up to a full restraint system, and punishing you for being a very bad girl. Darkly erotic and deeply sensual, the feel of cool metal against your skin is arousing and will drive you crazy with desire, leaving you with a night of adult fun you’ll never forget.


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