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Big Tease Sex Toys

Buy Big Tease Toys online from Euphoria Direct

Euphoria Direct brings you one of the most exciting ranges of waterproof vibrators currently on the market. Big Tease Toys are designed to be amazing and pleasurable vibrators whilst being completely inconspicuous. These unusual sex toys make an exciting bath time toy that can bring you to an intense climax and make your bathing experience more enjoyable and fun!

Big Tease Toys are one of a kind and you won’t find any other vibrators on the market like this unique collection. The other great thing about this amazing collection is that unlike other style vibrators, they are unrecognisable as sex toys and you can, therefore, leave your Big Tease Toy in the bathroom and nobody would even know!


As a vibrator, Big Tease Toys are specifically made to give you a hidden pleasure. With vibrators designed to look like your average bath time rubber duck, nobody will know that this toy is actually an adult toy! The ‘I Rub My Duckie’ range of vibrators offers you a toy that is completely waterproof, quiet but massively stimulating. Do not be fooled by the appearance of this vibrator, with a multi-speed option it is capable of giving you some powerful orgasmic sensations.

Big Tease Toys have truly considered every aspect of masturbation when creating their range

Not only can you have a Big Tease Toy at home, but they have an entire range of travel-sized vibrators including a mini travel ‘I Rub My Duckie’. These travel-sized vibrators and sex toys give you the ability to experience some erotic pleasure wherever you go!

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If you are bored with the other style vibrators and are looking for something new and fresh to arouse and stimulate you then the Big Tease Toy range is right up your street! These sex toys are discreet but intensely powerful vibrators that will have you spending a lot more time in the bathroom! With quiet motors, nobody need ever know what you get up to whilst bathing. Why not spice things up and share your Big Tease Toy with your lover in the bath, a hot tub or even a pool! Order your Big Tease Toys now from Euphoria Direct and start that bath running. You can enjoy a new kind of masturbation in the comfort of your bath getting yourself and the bathroom hot and steamy!


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