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Anal Probes

Do you like the sound of an anal probe?

For an orgasm that will thrill your senses and blow your mind, getting your lover to play with your anus is the ultimate fun. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, a bit of anal play get intensify your orgasm and arouse the senses in a whole new way.

Anal probes are specifically built to slide into position and can feature a gentle curve to stroke the sweet spot, or are ribbed and beaded for maximum pleasure. Some anal probes are designed with a wider base so there’s no chance of them travelling too far, whilst others have a convenient pull ring for an easy grip.

Anal probes are available in a variety of sizes

If you want to take the sensual delight to the next level, experiment with an anal probe which is inflatable and also vibrates. You can control the size until it’s exactly right for you, and it can also be easily deflated for easy retrieval.

Anal probes are the perfect kinky plaything for both men and women and can even be used during solo fun for a bit of extra spice. There’s a huge range of sizes, including anal probes for beginners so there’s no need to feel intimidated; just dive right in and find the right design that tickles your fancy.


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