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Anal Beads

Anal beads from Euphoria Direct

Sex toys are a great way to crank up the temperature in the bedroom, and anal beads are the perfect addition to any naughty playtime. Whether you’re a total anal virgin or whether you have experimented before try these to add a little spice for both you and your lover.

If you’ve never enjoyed anal play before, the idea can be a little bit intimidating but beads offer a gentle introduction to the delicious pleasures that await. Coming in all shapes and sizes, models with smaller dimensions are more suitable for those less experienced. For those who want to push the excitement even further, there are larger sizes or multi-sized anal beads for maximum stimulation.

Anal beads in many shapes and sizes

The Jolies Ripples Anal Dildo is the perfect plaything which is suitable for both novices and the more experienced, starting very small and gradually increasing in size. Look for the all-important pull ring on any anal beads you buy as it makes playtime much easier and gives you a whole host of sexy options. If you’ve never experienced anal play you could be missing out on a whole host of entirely new orgasmic fun; try some anal beads today and discover the delights for yourself.


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