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A great range of adult accessories to spice up your sex life

Sex shop accessories

A night with your lover is an experience to be savoured so make the most of your time together by dressing up in sexy underwear and having fun with adult toys, guaranteed to send the temperature in the bedroom soaring. But to make sure you’re comfortable and safe, you’ll need some sex accessories too; when you’re armed with a bottle of juice lube, there are so many more options! At Euphoria Direct you will find a range of sex accessories for every type of sexual encounter you can imagine!

Massage oils

Giving your lover a sensual massage is a perfect way to start the evening; simply tip over some of our Shiatsu Luxury Edible Oil and slide your hands slowly all over their body. But just as you start to send their pulse racing, it’s time to up the ante by licking up some of that delicious edible oil, a wonderful sex accessory.

Drive your lover wild with desire by using your mouth and tongue to nibble and lick every inch, with flavours such as strawberry, vanilla, choc mint and fruits that you’ll love. But it’s not just massage oils which are flavoured; personal lube cannot only help things along but if you venture south with your tongue, you’ll find a fabulously fruity taste awaits! There are also other flavours of lube such as pina colada, grape soda and spearmint to tantalise your taste buds.

Chocolate body paint

And if chocolate is your weakness, why not enjoy a sensuous bedroom experience with chocolate body paint? Get the washing machine ready for your bedsheets and forget about practicality as you cover your lover in chocolate body paint.

Trace seductive patterns with your fingers whilst following with your tongue before sliding your body over theirs for an experience which is downright filthy in more ways than one.

Even if you’re not planning on an erotic feast from your lover’s body, lube can be a great addition to sex play. You might not think you need it but an extra squirt of lube could take your climax to simply mind-blowing depths. Can you afford to miss out?

Condoms and safe sex

Condoms are an essential accessory if you want to stay safe but this doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any pleasure. With super thin but strong condoms, you can be certain that you’re protected but you might have to check that you’re wearing a rubber!

So sensitive that you’ll feel every inch but tough and durable too, there’s no reason that wearing a condom can’t be just as much fun. And for those who want to explore further, there are flavoured condoms, such as fruity banana and rich, dark black chocolate, as well as ribbed and stimulating condoms too.

Shop for sex accessories with Euphoria Direct today

Don’t hesitate, shop now make sure your bedroom is fully stocked up with sexy accessories from Euphoria Direct so that you’re ready for some erotic fun whenever the opportunity arises.


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