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Women’s Secrets to Lovers Achieving a Rock Hard Erection Naturally

How to Achieve a Rock Hard Erection NaturallyThe secret to great sex isn’t the size of the penis, as many men may think, but getting a rock hard erection.

The good news is that with a few simple tricks, it’s easy to give your lover an erection that’s as hard as granite, and will be guaranteed to leave you both satisfied.

We take a look at the woman’s secrets to helping their lover achieve a rock hard erection; you’ll be surprised at just how simple it really is.

Don’t rush it

If you’re in the mood and opportunity arises, it’s tempting to give in and rush off to the bedroom. However, building anticipation can create a thumping erection that threatens to burst through your trousers.

Taking your time when you know the inevitable is just around the corner can create huge feelings of arousal for both the man and the woman.

So when things start to heat up, take it slow; dressing up in some sexy costumes or lingerie and performing a teasing strip can get your man ready to explode.

Marie from Newport tried this out with Michael, “We’ve not really had any problems but I thought I’d dress up in stockings and suspenders and do a lap dance for Michael. I’ve never seen him with such a huge erection before; I couldn’t wait to get him into the bedroom!”

Use sex toys

Sex toys have a reputation for being just for solo pleasure but they’re just as good when they’re used together.

A male G-spot vibrator doesn’t just help an orgasm become far more powerful, they also help to provide stimulation during the build-up too, creating an erection that’s impossible to bend.

A vibrating cock ring

A cock ring like this one from our range will make sure he is up for sex and his blood is pumping

A vibrating cock ring is another excellent sex toy, hinting at bondage, but trapping blood into the penis. This is such an effective method, it shouldn’t be used for more than half an hour at a time but the results are absolutely incredible.

A fan of this approach is Sally from Kent who said that her lover wasn’t keen to try it at first, but once she persuaded him, “.the results were absolutely amazing. Jake’s erection was literally rock hard and my orgasm was unbelievable. I am telling all my girlfriends about this.”

Watch and learn girls

The best person to learn from is your man himself; he knows what feels good and how to get an erection. The chances are he’s been practicing for many years and remember erections are great for a man’s health too!

So rather than fumbling around, get him to show you what he likes, how he touches himself and how hard he likes it. Mutual masturbation can feel really naughty but it’s a great way to get you both really aroused, and you can watch what he likes so you can try it yourself next time!


Remember – there’s no reason why either of you should have to put up with an erection that isn’t rock hard or making you both feel great. The above top tips are simple to try but incredibly effective so…what are you waiting for?

Image Credit: Harrison Amsterdam