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Why adding a chastity device can add pleasure to your sex life

The Rimba Chastity Belt is perfect for some abstinence!

The Rimba Chastity Belt is perfect for some abstinence!

If you’ve ever know the frustration of forbidden pleasures, you’ll have some idea of the excitement that a chastity device could bring to your sex life.

Being prevented from fulfilling your desires as and when you choose can be an erotic sensation, leaving you practically quivering with pleasure when your lover decides it’s time to provide you with some relief.

Chastity devices can be worn by both men and women and some can remain in place for extended periods, giving your lover the ultimate control over your pleasure.

Rimba Chastity Belt

Designed to slip on just like a regular pair of briefs, the Rimba Chastity Belt locks firmly into place so there’s no chance of slipping fingers or anything else inside for some naughty pleasure.

A studded design, this belt hugs the hips neatly but won’t budge an inch out of position; no matter how hard you try! With a chain around the waist to give your dominant full control over your every move, this chastity belt will stay in place for as long as it’s locked on.

Perfect for chastity play, you can experience the thrill of being denied sexual pleasure….but when the moment comes, be prepared for an orgasm which will quite frankly blow you away.

This chastity belt isn’t designed for long term wear because the bulkiness prevents certain activities or movement, and it would be very visible under clothes. However, it can be worn for several hours without restriction during kinky chastity play.

Houdini Deluxe Chastity Device

This medieval-looking device is one to be worn by the guys and hands over utter control to their lover about when and where they are permitted to get an erection, let alone enjoy any sexual pleasure.

This metal device clips into position and although there’s a little room for movement inside, you won’t be able to sustain an erection when you’re locked into this metal cage. Your lover will quite literally hold the key to your sexual enjoyment, and will only let you go when they decide the time is right.

Houston Deluxe Chastity Device

Houston Deluxe Chastity Device

The anticipation of waiting to be allowed to get hard, and experience some much-needed release is exquisite torture which will take your sex life to another level.

This chastity device is not intended to be worn for very prolonged periods, but for those who are experienced and use it regularly, it’s possible to keep it on for up to a day, approximately.

So if you agree with us that chastity could add pleasure to your sex life, checkout our range here at Euphoria Direct.