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Whip Your Lover into Shape with Euphoria Direct

Every woman love like a long Arabian, whip that is! If you’ve been inspired by Mr. Grey, you might be considering exploring the kinkier side of sex, including a few choice accessories, including the whip.

Mixing in a liberal dose of pain with the pleasure can be simply delicious and result in orgasms which are on another level.

To get you started, here’s a look at some of the ways you could whip your lover into shape….quite literally.

Kinky play

If you’ve never explored the racier side of sex you could be missing out on a world of X-rated fun with your lover.

Whether you like to be in control or whether you enjoy your lover being the dominant one, whips are a great way to get started with BDSM play.

Every woman love like a long Arabian, whip that is!

Every woman love like a long Arabian, whip that is!

Not all whips are created equal and if you’re new to spanking and erotic pain, you are best to start out with one of the softer designs.

Suede has a slightly softer touch and will deliver the exciting sensation without so much of the pain, with its silky-smooth tendrils far easier on the skin. The Bound to Tease Suede Flogger is great for beginners who are just starting to explore the possibilities of sex play with a whip.

Floggers can in fact be surprisingly gentle and soft, particularly when they’re made from a material such as suede, so you don’t need to feel any pain to enjoy being whipped with one of these!


There’s something undeniably sexy about leather so whether you’re wearing a tight corset made from it or brandishing a leather whip, there’s an instant raunchy appeal.

Leather whips come in all shapes and sizes including the multi-frond floggers which are often popular with newcomers to S&M play.

Try the leather whip from Euphoria Direct, you won’t regret it

Try the leather whip from Euphoria Direct, you won’t regret it

If you don’t like a stinging sensation and prefer a gentler feeling, steer clear of the whips which feature a single tail.

Often made from leather, they come in all dimensions, from a small hand sized whip right the way up to the thick leather beast which is the Long Arabian Whip Black.

Wake up your senses

You don’t need to be into pain to enjoy being flogged or whipped as not every type of whip will deliver that distinctive stinging sensation.

However, wherever you are whipped by your lover will flood the nerve endings with stimulation, leaving you far more receptive to being licked or kissed afterwards.

Whipping your lover into shape is the perfect choice to enjoy a more intense orgasm as well as having lots of naughty fun along the way. The Fifty Shades of Grey books and film has massively increased public awareness of whips and bondage, why not try this yourself?

So wake up your senses and whip your lover into shape here at Euphoria Direct. We have a range of products you’ll just love in store!