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Sex Chairs, Poles & Swings

Well What a Easter that was….

Easter competition went with a bangHello friends of the page, Well what a super start to the site, the  Easter competition went with a bang and all we can say is, we all hope the winners ‘ENJOY’ their goodies.

We have started to gather some super followers on all our social media platforms.  Can’t wait to start engaging more with you all. We have been loving your posts, comments and info’s, so please keep it coming!


Personally I am hoping we have started a spring trend as we have seen a flurry of ‘egg’ products flying out of the site, I bet there are a lot of smiles about when they are all in use! I even find myself looking at people on the bus who have faraway smiles on their face now and wonder!! Think I might have to join in 😉

Well I will love you and leave you, but I look forward to chatting with you all soon


Lara.  x