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Valentines Day Delights for Him and Her from Euphoria Direct

Sex Love Valentines Erotic StoriesChocolates, flowers, teddy bears….there’s lots of conventional presents for Valentine’s Day but to put the biggest smile on your date’s face, you need to think of something a little different.

Lingerie and adult toys, games or accessories are the perfect Valentine’s delight that will guarantee your February 14th is one to remember.


Here’s a selection of what’s on offer from Euphoria Direct:

Erotic clothing

Sexy lingerie is always a big hit and there’s a huge range of styles to flatter every woman’s body.

Corsets are elegant and sensual, creating a killer cleavage and showing off those gorgeous curves. For the really daring, they can even be worn as party wear for a super-sexy outfit.

Baby dolls are definitely for behind closed doors only and are the perfect way to crank up the temperature. Barely skimming the thighs, and with a slinky low-cut cleavage, a baby doll will make sure that sleeping is the last thing on your minds in the bedroom.

Adult games

If an evening at home playing board games doesn’t sound like much of a Valentine’s Day, you could find yourself eating your words when you see the pleasures that await.

Fifty Nights of Naughtiness offers a whole host of sex and seduction, from the pure and romantic actions of the white and pink envelopes to the erotic and sensual suggestions held in the red and scarlet envelopes. For those that dare, there’s the unashamedly erotic awaiting in the black envelope…

Fifty Nights of Naughtiness

Fifty Nights of Naughtiness – a fun intimate game

You and Me is a game designed just for two, but which one of you will be the subject of your partner’s attentions? The dice will decide who gets to choose what they want their partner to do but the hottest actions will score the giver more points…and the first one to reach ten points is the outright winner and gets to request their ultimate desire. A game combining mounting desire and temptation, the You and Me adult game will provide endless erotic fun.

Sex toys

With the modern fast pace of life, it can be difficult to set aside enough time for sex but Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity.

An entire evening set aside entirely for your combined pleasure, why not make the most of it by filling a sensual bag with adult gifts?

Create an erotic gift to share with sex toys such as a vibrator, anal beads, a blindfold and a pair of fur-lined handcuffs, designed for the ultimate erotic pleasure.

Make 2015 a Valentine’s Day with a difference

Don’t let 14th February pass by with barely a whimper this year, choose one of the many sexy delights available at Euphoria Direct and enjoy a truly adult Valentine’s Day which you’ll never forget.