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The Perfect Man: A Gentleman in Public and a Beast in the Bedroom

Sexy Beast Bedroom ModeNo two women will ever agree on what the perfect love-god looks like, but there are certain traits about a man’s behaviour which are universally attractive.

Fifty Shades of Grey may not have been to everyone’s taste but it got women of all ages openly discussing sex for the very first time, and the one thing that quickly became apparent was that a beast in the bedroom was a definite turn-on.

However, not content with animal-like passion in the bedroom, women are demanding manners akin to the immaculate Christian Grey outside the bedroom.

In short, for most women, a gentleman in public and a beast in the bedroom is the ideal combination.

In Public

A man who is attentive, courteous and amusing is certain to have a flock of women around him, but when you know he only has eyes for you, that are something very special.

To see such a sought-after man gently set aside every other woman who wiggles their way in his direction is an extremely erotic experience.

Of course, we don’t mean a man who is weirdly over-attentive or possessive. But, for example, not being afraid to let everyone know you are a couple, coming back to top up your drink or even just holding the door for you, are old-fashioned acts of chivalry which are surprisingly popular, even with the modern woman.

This isn’t a step back for feminism; the modern woman knows that she’s capable of doing these things herself, and doesn’t need a man’s help. But having someone act in a way which is considerate and courteous shows good manners and breeding, and who can resist that?

But back in the bedroom…

The calm good manners and polite exterior which is so attractive when in public couldn’t be less desirable in the bedroom!

Christian Grey Gentleman and Beast

Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey, the Archetypal gentleman and beast in one package

The perfect man knows when to shrug off his coat of careful consideration, and unleash his beast.

Whether you enjoy a good spanking, being tied up, or just a bit of role play, the bedroom is the ideal place for your man to let loose his inhibitions and show you what he really likes. Taking time to tease, please and titillate his way all over your body, a beast in the bedroom may start off slow and gentle but be prepared for the pace to pick up!

Passionate, expert and manly, most women agree that the perfect man shouldn’t be afraid to go for what he wants between the sheets, taking you on a journey through the jungle of hot desire.


Image credits: Brooke Vander Yacht and Meet Fifty Shades Blog