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The Ins and Outs of Sex Games – A Great Stocking Filler

Sensual foreplay – some says it’s better than the sex!

If you are bored with chocolates and socks as stocking filler gifts, why not branch out into something more adventurous this Christmas?

Sex games are certain to put a smile on your loved one’s face and could just give your bedroom fun a little more spice too.

If you’ve never taken a look at sex games before, here’s the type of board games that are guaranteed to make Scrabble a thing of the past.

Sensual foreplay

If you’re fed-up with foreplay being rather predictable, there are some sexy board games for two which help you explore your partner’s body in a slow and unexpected way.

Nookii is a game intended for lovers, but rather than move round a board, you use each other’s bodies instead. With three different levels – mmm, ooh and aah – you can move from gently teasing to full blown stimulation as you progress.

Sensual foreplay – some says it’s better than the sex!

The dice and cards decide what lies in store, so there are sexy surprises along the way for both of you…until you decide that you can’t last any longer.

Sexual Roleplay

If you’ve always liked the idea of role play but never quite known how to get started, this sex game makes the perfect saucy stocking filler.

With 60 cards describing a range of roles and situations, there’s no need to be coy. Cast off your inhibitions, roll the dice and see where the game takes you! To enjoy the sexy fun to its maximum potential, have some props on stand-by, ready to be used if needed.

Girl’s Night Out

Sex games don’t have to be something between couples; they can be a great way to enjoy a cheeky night out on the town.

Girl’s Night Out has a few play options, but one version of the game sees participants tasked with carry out a series of random tasks written down on slips of paper. As risqué or daring as you choose to make it, this is the ultimate girl’s night out party game!

Girls night out  - the ultimate girl’s night out party game

Girls night out – the ultimate girl’s night out party game

IOU Oral Sex

Not strictly a game in the conventional sense of the word, these IOU oral sex slips give you and your lover the opportunity to demand some pleasure whenever the mood takes you.

The IOU Oral Sex Game

The IOU Oral Sex Game

A fun way to give them the hint that you want to turn the heat up, IOU Oral Sex slips are a sexy little stocking filler. The question is, have you been a good girl…or very very naughty.

Image Credit: Bryan Rowe