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Taping a Sex Session – Risky but Fun

Taping a Sex SessionIf you’ve ever wanted to spice up your sex life, you might have had all kinds of fun with dressing up and using sex toys. But if you wanted to take things one step further, making a sex tape is just the thing to provide some risqué entertainment.

We take a closer look at taping a sex session and all the fun that can be had as a result.

Make like a celebrity

Recent hacking scandals have hit the headlines and some of the stories have included leaked footage of celebrities having sex.

It’s something that many couples enjoy behind closed doors, and being a celebrity doesn’t make you immune to the sexy fun that can be had with a video camera.

Why not take things that little bit further for your sex session and dress up and role play at the start? Wearing erotic lingerie and revealing costumes can make for a great striptease, and will be something you’ll enjoy watching when you look at the video together.

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Brittany from Watford really went for it when she taped her first sex session with Leo, but says it’s now a regular feature in their sex life, “I love to really go for it, make it something special with sexy underwear, a costume and even a wig. I feel like a different person, an actor on film, and it gives me the chance to play out my fantasies. It’s a great idea if you’re with someone you trust”.

How to make it fun

If you’ve never taped a sex session before, the chances are you might feel a bit nervous or apprehensive before you get started. But don’t worry, once the action starts to hot up you’ll forget about your stage fright and will be in the moment.

If you’re nervy, a glass of wine before you get started is enough to get you nice and relaxed without being too tanked up to perform.

You can use any kind of recording equipment you want – no-one is going to be judging you on the quality of your camera – but to get good results you probably won’t want to use your webcam. A poor quality image taken from across the room might not live up to your expectations.

A small, portable video recorder that can either be propped up or passed between the two of you to create different angles means you have the chance to make a sex tape that shows what you really want it to.

Leanne from Sheffield confessed she was nervous about recording a sex session and took a while to agree, but once she got going loved the experience, “I held the camera and got James to do what I told him; it gave me the chance to have on film exactly what I wanted to see. And then he did the same”.

Watching it together

Once you’ve made the tape – depending on how much energy you have left! – You can enjoy watching it back again together either straight away, or on another night.

Watching a sex session you’ve taped is great foreplay and can be a very erotic experience. You’ll soon forget about being self-conscious and you’ll be vividly remembering just how aroused you felt at the time…and the chances are you’ll want to repeat it right then and there!

Pick your partner

Of course, no matter how much fun you can have taping a sex session; it goes without saying that it’s not a great idea to try it unless you can really trust the person.

If there’s any doubt, you can just erase the tape before you part company for the evening. Sometimes half the fun is knowing you’re being recorded; you can always make another tape next time!

Image Credit: Roberta Vieira