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Tales from the bedroom – finding the G-spot

The woman’s G-spot is located on the front wall, roughly halfway up between the opening and the clitoris. If you slide in two fingers with your palm facing up, once you’re in about two inches, stop and crook your fingers as if you’re making a beckoning movement.

This should hit the sweet spot. In some women, you may be able to tell you’ve connected straightaway as there will be a raised spot on the wall. Plus she’ll be climbing the walls in ecstasy…bit of a giveaway that you’re in the right place.

G-spot vibrators

If your penis curves upwards then happy days, you’re likely to be able to hit the G-spot with penetrative sex in a number of different positions. If your penis curves downwards, the reverse cowgirl should leave your woman exploding with pleasure.

However to make it easier on yourself, you can use a special G-spot vibrator, specifically designed to match a woman’s anatomy. Unlike other vibrators, they may be slightly shorter and much more curved; this allows them to stroke and stimulate exactly the right place.

You can either watch your woman use it on herself whilst you watch, or you can get involved and use it on her yourself.

If you feel intimidated by the idea of a vibrator and not your penis doing the deed, there is another option. Vibrators like the WeVibe 4 Plus ( are specifically intended to be used during sex and are very compact. The fit snugly against the G-spot and the clitoris, leaving plenty of room for you to slide in alongside. It’s your pumping action that will dictate the pace and the performance, with the WeVibe just making sure you’re hitting exactly the right spot.

The WeVibe also has an added advantage of being compatible with an app which allows you to programme it. So for couples that are separated by distance, you can give your woman a mind-blowing G-spot orgasm even though you aren’t even in the room.

How many men can say that…?!