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Spring is in the air….

Twelve Smarting Tails BookWell Mayday came and went and what a busy, busy time it’s been here. Met lots of lovely people on the social networking side of things, and we are LOVING all the feedback, stories and suggestions. Also not forgetting all the ‘funnies’ that people share with us, a smile to start the day is always good.

Importantly as the weather has been a little harsh, I decided to choose a good book from our range and see if I could cheer myself up and broaden the mind a little! So I went for this – Twelve Smarting Tails –

I suggest you check It out….you just may be missing something, and if this is just not your thing, then check out some of the other erotica tale we have, some short stories and plenty of ideas for fun and frolics….

Love Lara x