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Spice up your life with edible sex treats

There’s lots of ways to spice things up in the bedroom whether it’s with saucy underwear or sex toys, but food has also long been associated with some naughty fun.

If you’re in a long term relationship, it’s essential to keep trying new things in order to keep the sexual spark alive, and edible sex treats are the perfect way to do this.

There are all kinds of rude-shaped edibles which you can enjoy out of the bedroom – it’s always fun to nibble on a chocolate Willy or a jelly boob – but there’s lots more kinky fun you can enjoy with edible sex treats too.

A helping hand

When it comes to giving head, you might love the idea but hate the taste, making the whole experience less than the erotic fun you’d been hoping for.

But even if you don’t mind the taste, there’s certainly room for improvement with the range of exotic tastes and flavours available with oral sex masques and lotions.

Simply slather on and enjoy the sensual feelings of running your tongue up and down and tasting strawberry, mango or even mint. The fruity flavours will have you eagerly lapping up every drop leaving your partner groaning with ecstasy, and you dishing out the best blow job of your life.

Returning the favour

Of course, edible sex treats are a two way thing and you can take your woman to seventh heaven as you gently nibble, lick and bite at her edible bikini.

Expose her nipples by eating her bikini top, slowly building up the sexual tension before heading lower to dish out the same treatment to her thong. No hands allowed, every sweet needs to be nibbled and licked away just using your mouth and tongue. Your woman will thrill in the attention she’s receiving and the slow build-up will leave her exploding with pleasure.

Paint job

Forget about bringing messy kitchen condiments into the bedroom and instead use the special sex paint to cover each other’s bodies in edible delights.

Take turns to dribble sex paint onto each other and get creative, to slowly build up the anticipation. Find your partner’s most sensitive erogenous zones and lick your way around their body. If you want to heighten the pleasure even further, combine sex paint with handcuffs and a mask leaving you in control and your lover writhes underneath you, begging for more.

So what are you waiting for? Sexual pleasure awaits with a wide range of edible sex treats, buy yours in store today.