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Putting the spark back into your bedroom with electro toys

Try a ball stretcher for the ultimate in electro delight

Try a ball stretcher for the ultimate in electro delight

Sex toys are a great way to inject a bit of spice into bedroom fun, but electro toys can really help to crank up the temperature to another level. With lots of accessories for both men and women, electro toys are darkly erotic and deliver a real spark of passion guaranteed to be unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Delve into the darker side of desire and discover the delights of pleasure and altered sensation by experimenting with electro toys, either solo or with your lover.

What will it feel like?

With everything from clit stimulators to ball stretchers and dildos, electro toys come in all shapes and sizes.

Try a ball stretcher for the ultimate in electro delight

Try a ball stretcher for the ultimate in electro delight

If you’re nervous about diving into a whole new world of electronic stimulation, you might be wondering about what to expect. Just like other kinds of sex toys, there’s a whole range on offer from those that provide a gentle electronic buzz which tickles and tingles, right through to deep, satisfying electronic sensations. There are internal and external electro stimulators so you can choose exactly what feels right for you.


For electro thrills which thrill you on the deepest level possible, try out our dildos, suitable for both men and women, with varying sizes suitable for both vaginal and anal play. Start on the lowest setting and gradually crank up the power until you find a sensation that feels just right. Electro dildos guarantee to build up to a mind-blowing orgasm which will leave you quivering from head to toe.


Electro play makes the perfect partner to bondage so if you want to enjoy a domination session with a difference, try out some electro paddles. Punish a disobedient lover or show who’s in control with a sexy session which delivers more than just the usual spanking. Electro paddles can give anything from a sensual tingle to a more intense kinky thrill so it’s up to you how high to crank up the dial.

Sensual massage

Electro gloves can give massage an entirely new twist as you caress your lover from head to toe, with a little extra spark.

Electro gloves – other clothing is optional!

Electro gloves – other clothing is optional!

A sexy massage can be extremely erotic, and with some added electro sensations, your lover will be left feeling unbelievably aroused. You can even use the gloves to stroke their most intimate areas, leaving them quite literally tingling with desire.

Explore electro play for yourself…

Electro play doesn’t have to be painful and can just deliver an extra buzz of sensation to those oh-so-sensitive areas. Erotic, arousing and irresistible, explore electro play today with your lover.

Hopefully we’ve sparked some enthusiasm into you for electro toys. If we have, why not check out the range of electro toys at Euphoria Direct today.